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Ardmore supports The Play Shelter, Southwark

Sun 9th May 2021

Ardmore has teamed up with The Play Shelter and Tower Bridge Primary school to provide them with a new after school club.

The new Play Shelter, which was opened in June by local MP Neil Coyne, was built within one of the school’s old storage areas, in a room that had previously housed the school’s indoor swimming pool. The old pool room was in complete disrepair and the school did not have the budget to restore and redecorate the room to provide after school services.

Ardmore has transformed the room into a colourful and safe space, designed to stimulate learning through play. A team from Ardmore’s Camberwell Fields project in Southwark repaired the uneven stone floor, replaced the old electrics, built a new kitchenette and storage space, and decorated the room so that the after school club now have the facilities and space to provide a range of informal learning opportunities and activities for the children attending the school.

Ardmore’s client at Camberwell Fields, Notting Hill, helped the project by donating £1,500 towards soft furnishings and window replacements.

Joe Pitt, Ardmore’s project manager at Camberwell Fields said “the Play Shelter is a fantastic organisation, and we were delighted to be able to help them. It’s great to see our team working with these local community partners to support young people’s development within Southwark.”

Kate Wooder, executive headteacher at Tower Bridge Primary School said:

“We have been so grateful for all the work Ardmore has done to bring our old pool room up to a condition where it can now be used. The school would not have had the money to complete such a project on our own.

We are really looking forward to Play Shelter moving into their new room. This will enable them to provide a better service for our pupils and have the capacity to expand the club and allow more of our families the opportunity to attend. The work carried out by Ardmore has enabled us to now give them a room that meets their needs.”

Mishel Isaacs, Childcare & Business Development Manager at the Play Shelter said:

“We are all very pleased and excited at the way the pool room has been refurbished. The room now has a light, airy and spacious feel which is bright and cheerful for the children as well as being safe and accessible. Ardmore has enabled the room to become a functioning space that will be used and enjoyed by over 50 children attending Tower Bridge Primary School.”

The Play Shelter provides high quality play provision for children aged 4 -11 years, which is accessible, free from unacceptable levels of risk, yet stimulating and challenging. They provide a program of activities that extends children’s learning through fun experiences and varied educational opportunities, whilst recognizing and responding to each child’s individual needs.