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Parkside Community Celebrated as Historic Sundial Unveiled at Heathside & Lethbridge

Wed 17th Oct 2018

Residents at the new Parkside development were urged to count more than just the sunny hours as Lewisham Councillor Amanda De Ryk unveiled an extraordinary piece of new public art commissioned for the estate, a large mosaic sun-dial commemorating the historic battle of Deptford Bridge.

Local artist Gary Drostle was there to see his new creation memorialising the Cornish Uprising of 1497 that took place at nearby Blackheath. Gary has been working closely with a group of local residents to create the large mosaic sundial bench and the final design was chosen through a public consultation involving all residents at the development.

The Celtic rebellion, with its links to nearby Deptford, was the first of three Cornish uprisings between 1497 and 1546. Around 10,000 lightly-armed Cornish rebels gathered on Blackheath to protest oppressive royal rule, where they met the King’s 20,000-strong professional army at the Battle of Deptford Bridge.

Gary Drostle is an international award winning artist specialising in murals and mosaics with large scale commissions across the UK and abroad. Gary has been creating site specific art since 1985 and teaches and writes on mosaic. He is currently President of the British Association for Modern Mosaic.

Ardmore and local residents had also been busy creating their own artwork, with residents of the Lethbridge Estate spending previous weeks pressing and drawing flowers, using flowers and greenery from communal areas to create beautiful floral designs. Ardmore took the residents’ designs and created a piece of artwork that will be displayed on the hoarding of the scheme before being donated to residents once the development is complete.


The Parkside development is the regeneration of Heathside and Lethbridge; two existing housing estates owned by the London Borough of Lewisham. As part of the larger six-phase regeneration of the Estate, Ardmore has been on-site since 2011, as the main contractor on Phases 2, 3 and 4, constructing over 600 units for Family Mosaic and Peabody.