Recruitment (header)

From the company’s inception more than 35 years ago, Ardmore has always recognised the importance of its staff, employees, and suppliers. We have always been committed to attracting, developing, and retaining the very best in the industry and continuously review our policies and procedures to ensure that we remain an employer of choice.

We are committed to investing in our staff and the communities in which we operate. By investing in training, employment, and skills, we are investing in the future.

As well as the benefits to our staff and the communities in which we work, we are convinced that adopting a responsible approach across all aspects of our business will improve our operational performance and long-term growth.

Training & Apprenticeships

Ardmore has always thrived on the conviction that striving for excellence, knowledge and learning provides the opportunity to overcome any barrier, and we remain committed to developing our staff to the best of their abilities. Ardmore continues to foster an adaptable and committed workforce, empowered to maximise individual and collective skills through our key focus on training.

We are proud to have supported many people, young and old, through their chosen field in 2012, where Ardmore’s staff carried out over 1,000 person days of training.

Local Labour

Ardmore promotes training and work experience for local people on every project, and has developed award winning employment and skills programmes to deliver a pre-apprenticeship scheme, which has proved especially successful on large regeneration schemes such as Portbello Road for Catalyst, Stratford Halo for Genesis, and Heathside and Lethbridge for Family Mosaic where Ardmore achieved a local labour target of 40%.

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