Drylining Manager

Old War Office, Westminster Salary & Benefits: Competitive

Responsible for creating walls and installing plasterboards in rooms throughout the building. Also responsible for disguising any pipes and wires, creating space for insulation and smooth out even surfaces.

  • Review the construction programme /updating works tracker programme, make your comments against it, read the ERs and familiarize yourself with the project, requirements, the specifications and the project drawings.
  • Understand who the sub-contractors are, making sure they all have a manager who is competent and who understands drawings specification and can read them and implement them on site.
  • Review their contract and ensure that they meet the requirements of their appointment in the Part 1 and Part 2. Identify long lead in items, and place order accurately and on-time. Coordinate with all other managers on your building regarding services and the like, preparation of the take-off list for drylining package to monitor requirement on site.
  • Allocate the work correctly and efficiently with the sub-contractors, make sure they sign for the areas/common area which you assign them possession on site for, record the date and the duration permitted.
  • Inspect works done and sign off the form once works have been completed or as per the permitted duration period, ensuring the area is returned clean, safe and undamaged. Materials found to be wasted or damaged must be recorded and the QS informed of the damage / associated costs.
  • Maintain accurate QA and have it visible in the flat. Photograph all works as required to meet with ACL requirements, NHBC building control and your QA system. All QA forms must be up to date and located in the Site Managers office for inspection by all. All QA sheets must be signed and dated.
  • Organize site visits to eliminate any issues found at the early stages, this will include all stages of the drylining ,1st fix ,2nd fix, ceiling grids, ceiling closures.
  • Inspect the skills of the labour / tradesmen, making sure you are satisfied with the workmanship, material used and efficiency of work and sign off on their works at the end of each task and prior to the sub-contractor leaving site.
  • Manage and quality control the entire dry lining package, tape &jointing ,plastering, making good  and SFS installation including all flats, external walls, sunspaces, balconies, party walls, internal flat walls, risers, AOV shafts,  upstands, lift entrance walls, ceilings, boarding out, insulation, CP boarding, mastic, fire brakes , movement joints , wind posts  and all related works included in the current design.
  • Set-out and carry out dimensional checks at all stages mentioned above against the relevant drawings flagging issues to the design team or sub-contractors as deems appropriate. You will plan and programme your works efficiently and effectively to ensure costs are minimized and programme is met.
  • Ensure that tool box talks, task briefs are carried at least once a week and will regularly give tool box talks on issues which you find as unsafe practices to your sub-contractors. Where safety alerts are issued by ACL or relevant authorities, you will advise your sub-contractors and provide the necessary info / tool box talks affected.
  • Be familiar with 4 Projects and use 4 Projects to reference the most up to date drawings, to issue drawings to your sub-contractors, to mark-up drawings which issues have arisen for the Design Manager.
  • Be prepared for weekly progress meetings with the Project Manager updating the programme accordingly and have a list of issues, actions and solutions for review.
  • Photograph all works as required to meet with ACL requirements, NHBC building control and your QA system. All QA forms must be up to date and located in the Site Managers office for inspection by all. All QA sheets.

To apply for this position please forward your CV to recruitment@ardmoregroup.co.uk

Drylining Manager

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