Electrical Manager

Old War Office, Westminster Salary & Benefits: Competitive

To manage electrical subcontractors, installation, materials, procurement and drawing programme in line with programme and specification requirements to ensure that the project is completed on time and to budget

Managing subcontractors

  • Ensure the subcontractors’ manager is competent and understands the drawings and specification.
  • Review the subcontractor’s contract and ensure that they meet the requirements of their appointment in the Part 1 and Part 2.
  • Allocate the work correctly and efficiently with the sub-contractors: make sure they sign for the areas / common area which you assign them possession on site for, record the date and the duration permitted. Inspect works done and sign off the form once works have been completed or as per the permitted duration period, ensuring the area is returned clean, safe and undamaged. Materials found to be wasted or damaged must be recorded and the QS informed of the damage / associated costs.

Managing the programme

  • Review the programme / tracker programme and comment.
  • Understand ERs and the project requirements, the specifications and the project drawings.
  • Coordinate works on a daily basis with mechanical installation and other Ardmore site managers to ensure that programme is being adhered to, works take place efficiency and effectively.
  • Monitor programme and write to contractors and subcontractors when they are failing always copying the Project Manager, Site Manager, Design Manager and Managing/Project Quantity Surveyor in all emails.
  • Assist with build-ability issues and value engineering related to all electrical activities.

Managing materials and procurement

  • Identify long lead in items, and place orders accurately and on-time. Coordinate with all other managers regarding services and the like.
  • Assign landing areas for materials for your sub-contractors in coordination with the site manager and ensure that the landing areas are kept clean and tidy. Landing areas must have an agreed land to clear time so that the subcontractors are aware when the landing area must be freed up for the next subcontractor’s materials. Coordinate with fellow managers to ensure landing times and clearing times are agreed.

Quality Assurance

  • Maintain accurate QA and make it visible in the flat.
  • Photograph all works as required to meet with ACL requirements, NHBC building control and QA system. All QA forms must be up to date and also located in the Site Managers’ office for inspection by all. All QA sheets must be signed and dated.
  • Inspect the skills of the labour / tradesmen making sure you are satisfied with the workmanship, material used and efficiency of work; sign off on the works at the end of each task and prior to the sub-contractor leaving site.
  • Manage and quality control the entire electrical installation including lifts, CCTV, access control, IRS, telecommunication, fibre optics, communal wiring, alarms, connection to appliances, lighting, emergency power, emergency lighting,  speaker systems, smart homes systems, consumer units, preparation for the substations, distribution, containment, external power and lighting, and all other electrical applications as deems necessary.
  • Set-out and carry out dimensional checks against the relevant drawings flagging issues to the design team or sub-contractors as appropriate.
  • Inspect the works of your Subcontractors on a regular basis daily and ensure that all works are been carried out in accordance with the requirements, specifications, NHBC, Building Regulations, consultant drawings and all other requirements. Incorrect works must be stopped immediately and corrected to ensure that ACL materials are not wasted and programme is not affected.

Site temps and testing

  • Manage the interface with the DNO and client by liaising with the DNO representative, earthing, lightening protection, connections, etc.
  • Manage and coordinate all pat testing and electrical installation testing as required under the regulations and as required by ACL.
  • Supply temps power and lighting as required to the construction site to ensure the site and associated building are adequately lit with available power where needed. Cables, leads, distribution boxes and the like should be positioned to ensure they do not create a trip hazard. Coordinate the site TBS and manage all power required to supply to the welfare units on site.

Health and safety

  • Induct sub-contractor’s staff as required and ensure that they have all the required certification, PPE, tools and equipment to carry out their works safely.
  • Ensure that sub-contractors have the correct permits to work, permit / certificate to use equipment, etc.
  • Ensure the correct method statements, risk assessments, safe starts and any other safety documentation is in place before works commence daily.
  • Ensure that tool box talks, task briefs are carried out; regularly give tool box talks to sub-contractors on issues such as unsafe practices.
  • Where safety alerts are issued by ACL or relevant authorities, advise sub-contractors and provide the necessary info / tool box talks.
  • Produce project specific method statements and risk assessments and ensure compliance by your staff, subcontractors, etc.
  • Maintain a safe and clean site; do not allow rubbish to accumulate.

Site meetings

  • Attend site meetings when required – review agenda and action minutes as required.
  • Organise regular progress meetings with sub-contractors, take minutes and issue minutes copying in Project Manager, Site Manager, Quantity Surveyor and Design Manager.
  • Be prepared for weekly progress meetings with the Project Manager updating the programme accordingly and have a list of issues, actions and solutions for review.


  • Knowledge of current legislation: Health and Safety requirements, building regulations, NHBC site specific requirements and ensure that the entire Electrical installation meets with industry standards, UKPS, UKPN, BT fibre requirements for installations.
  • Use of 4 Projects to reference the most up to date drawings, to issue drawings to sub-contractors, to mark-up drawings with which issues have arisen for the Design Manager.

To apply for this position please forward your CV to recruitment@ardmoregroup.co.uk

Electrical Manager

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